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Due to a law change...

Credit Card Fees No Longer Need to be A Cost of Doing Business

TURNKEY is the market’s leading solution.


We guide you
We have the card brand rules covered.

The merchant must be registered with the card brands.
Our team completes each registration on your behalf.

Merchant must inform their customers of the credit card fee.
Our team provides you with all necessary signage, keeping customers informed—and keeping you compliant.

Credit card fee must not exceed 4%, and the merchant must not profit from the credit card fee.
Our solution passes on a 3.5% credit card fee. You receive 100% of your sale—no more or less.

The credit card fee and the price of the product or service must be processed together as one transaction.
TURNKEY processes the credit card fee and the purchase amount as one transaction.

Receipt to show the amount of the credit card fee as a separate line item.
TURNKEY produces a receipt that itemizes the credit card fee.

Merchant must not apply a fee to debit cards.
Turnkey automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee.

To pass on the credit card fee, merchants have to comply with the contractual rules required by the card brands (such as Visa and MasterCard) as a condition of accepting their cards.
TURNKEY automatically has you covered.


Accept Credit Cards at 0% Cost. Achieve 100% Compliance.